Hurricane Season 2014 is Expected To Be Active.

History has shown that slow hurricane seasons are usually followed up by extraordinarily strong and active seasons. In this article we talk about recent predictions and why now is a good a time as ever to get prepared for what could be a very active 2014 hurricane season.

In October of last year Hurricane Sandy became the second deadliest hurricane in the history of our country hitting the barrier islands of Long Island and the east coast. Perhaps being used to wrong forecasts, some people decided they’d ride it out and everyone knows how that panned out. Despite the danger of hurricanes many people are actually locating along the country’s coastal areas. To be more specific, fourteen out of seventeen of the world’s largest cities are located along coastlines. Based on info from the PRB, around 50% of people in the world live within two hundred km of a coastline and this number will more than likely double by 2025.

Because of this, the potential for storm type disasters will tremendously increase. Currently, there’s a lot of pressure on the meteorological world because it needs to be able to forecast and accurately predict hurricanes so that people have enough time to protect themselves.

Prediction and Forecast of Hurricane Season 2014

For the hurricane season 2013 the AHSO predictions are quite interesting. There are 70% chances of 13-20 storms to be so powerful that 7-11 may turn into hurricanes and 3-6 turn into major hurricanes (category three, four or five).

However, it seems that there are some pitfalls of predicting and forecasting tropical cyclones. Well into the peak of the season, on September 14th, experts were clueless about why the hurricanes they predicted didn’t show up. They predicted that in the slow hurricane season there were going to be around 6 hurricanes, but so far we’ve only seen 1. Many blame this on a change in the Earth’s magnetic poles and that the hurricanes will eventually appear.

How to Prepared For a Tropical Cyclone

It’s National Preparedness Month, so if you live on a coast that’s prone to hurricanes, then it’s time to get moving. Even if there’ll be no hurricanes in 2013, you need to be properly prepared for next year. According to the Center for Disease Control, you should take the following preparation measures:

1. Stock up on supplies that you may require during a time of emergency.
2. Replace your windows with hurricane windows for a massive improvement in safety from flying debris and breakage.
3. Make a plan and be sure you’ll familiarize yourself with locations of emergency shelters. You need to also secure your most valuable documents and if you have any special health needs, you should inform the authorities immediately (i.e. health institutions).

Before the hurricane season starts next year, you need to be very well prepared for what is to come. Many people consider impact windows miami because this is a very effective way for everyone to be protected from the strong winds that can easily shatter regular windows and hurt everyone inside.

More and more individuals are mobilizing and making changes that will protect them from future hurricanes and starting with the windows (which are the weakest part of your home) is a smart way to ensure everyone’s protection. Don’t forget to stock up on the bare minimum of medication, water and food. Hurricanes can be devastating and you would certainly not want to be caught off guard.

Another important action that you can take to make the hurricane season less stressful is buying and installing hurricane impact windows. We’ve discussed several times why hurricane impact windows are essential – for more information we encourage you to read some more articles on our blog or visit our page about hurricane impact windows. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, call The Window Guys of Florida at 1-877-966-5663.